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Join us in our journey to build top-notch consumer product brands in the world.

About Us

We are very entrepreneurial in nature and have a passion for technology and innovation that allows us to make our brands better for our seasoned shoppers and customers.


We love creating meaning brands that will have a positive impact on people’s life.

What We Do

At Soffway, we’re cultivating positivity through our portfolio of brands and carefully curated products. Our brands center around creating a positive influence and providing consumer value.
We are dedicated to uplifting the lives of our customers through each of our meaningful products. We’re building brands that spark joy and create a fulfilling, lasting impact on the lives of many.

Our Marketing Approach

Our direct-to-consumer approach, specializing in the eCommerce world, allows us to expand our reach globally. As an online-only retailer, we’re excelling in niche verticals and catering to market demands. Soffway is the smart way to shop.



We empower entrepreneurial hearts around the world to start their business with our smart marketing technology and our delightful support.

Value Of Our Customers

Our entrepreneurial nature and intuitive passion transcend into the development of our brands. Through each investment and business decision, the heart of our customers is always in mind.

Customer Connection

Enriching customer experience through our variety of brands remains our top priority. By establishing strong, collaborative relationships with our customers, we believe we can make every shopping experience the best. Through analyzing consumer insights, we strive to improve our product offerings, customer experience, fulfillment accuracy, and pricing mechanisms. At Soffway, we have several initiatives in place to always make it easy for consumers to shop with us.

Partner Recognition

Our commitment to continuous improvement further extends by upholding ethical and social standards for our suppliers and vendors. We aim to promote safe and socially responsible ingredients and business practices through each of our brands.

Our Commitment To Social Justice

We support social justice and work to build good by supporting various social causes including empowering abused women through employment and helping homeless children in Third World countries

our history

Soffway & eCommerce History


The start of Soffway began when Riccardo, one of our founders, became inspired by the rise of eCommerce and online shopping. During this period he began pursuing a master’s in business administration, specializing in international business and eCommerce.


Rick gained experience working with renowned online brands such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Walmart. During this period, Rick entered the journey of drop shipping for electronic car audio products and portable audio segments. Through his journey, he gained experience in bringing unique products to market.


The official launch of Shopify - Lütke, Lake, and Weinand established a set of tools merchants could leverage to build their own online platforms. Shopify was the first of many to capitalize on the booming online market.


The revolution of eCommerce continues to expand throughout the market, taking the world by storm. Various online platforms were introduced, including the launch of BigCommerce. Established by Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper, BigCommerce was created as a 100% eCommerce platform.


Facebook began placing paid, sponsored stories across its platform. The online marketing campaigns enabled the ability to target large-scale audiences, resulting in extensive revenue.


Soffway established its first official partnered brand, Subwoofer - a one-stop-shop for the latest, high-quality audio equipment.


Soffway introduced its second partnership, IncenseSticks. The creative brand offers a variety of therapeutic products, including hand-rolled incense sticks, essential oils, candles, burners, and diffusers.

Present Day

Soffway continues to expand its portfolio by bringing unique and sustainable products to market. Channeling new, innovative marketing approaches, the company serves the eCommerce industry as the smart way to shop.

The company expects to launch two additional brands coming soon.

our history


Our Mission Through Innovation

Our goal at Soffway centers upon building a portfolio of niche brands that cater to every type of shopper. Together, we drive value through innovative technology advancements and focus on creating a lasting impact for all of our consumers.

Expanding Our Reach

Our portfolio of brands exemplifies integrity and transparency. Our promise is to bring smart innovative brands and products to market. By doing so, we’re committing to offering honest and fair prices. At Soffway, we foster brands and products that promote positivity in all aspects

Our brands

Our Brands

Together, we develop category-defining businesses and brands for all shoppers.

Our niche brands are designed and backed by consumer data and insights. Our technology-enabled D2C model leverages our competitive advantage and value chain efficiency. This model enables us to offer a well-curated set of products, priced at least 25% less when compared to the traditional brands.


Awaken your soul and experience naturally aromatic scents from IncenseSticks. IncenseSticks offers a variety of therapeutic products, including hand-rolled incense sticks, essential oils, candles, burners, and diffusers. All fragrance and natural wellness products are recognized by the IFRA and are sustainably made with the highest grade herbal ingredients.


Feel the beat with Subwoofer. It’s the one stop shop for the latest, high-quality audio equipment. Revamp the sound system for your car, home theater, or even office, all at an affordable price you’ll love. Subwoofer’s cataloged section of exclusive products and brands will have you jamming out in no time.


Invoking convenience for the modern man. Moneyclips replace the traditional bulky wallet with a sleek, trendy gadget. Its simplicity and ease drive great appeal amongst many men, and the market demand is reflective of its growing desire.


Sip into luxury with SpicedChai. Chai tea is famous for its mixture of aromatic herbs and spices. SpicedChai is carefully crafted with the finest ingredients, featuring savory notes of cardamom, Ginger and Turmeric. SpicedChai teas promote a number of consumer health benefits.


Ready to ditch the screen for a night of full sleep? Let’s face it, we’re glued to our phones and it’s a distraction, but there is a better way to wake up. Digital alarm clocks for the modern era. Here you’ll find alarm clocks of all types. Specialize, customize, and take control of your sleep with full customization and programmable options.


A sweet treat and a thoughtful message go a long way. That’s why so many people love fortune cookies, but what if you could customize your own personal fortunes? Tell someone you care, celebrate a special occasion, finally propose to that special someone. Allowing you to personalize your fortunes for any occasion, we make your occasion a little sweeter.

Our brands
Our Teams

Our Team


There Is creative madness in our team We don’t intend to lose it

Our Teams

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